So I took a break from writing.  A LONG break.  Many things have happened in the meantime.  It is possible that I will go into detail about these things in later posts.  But for now, in a nutshell: God has blessed me with good health and the ability to travel and love on the people that love me♥.  Right now, I want to focus on how God has used anxiety to teach me somethings about the way She works.  Specifically, teaching me that I am not in control. 🙂

God is good.  All of the time.

I am a clumsy person.  My boyfriend and close friends, affectionately, but firmly, refer to me as “clum-zilla.”  I break things.  I drop things.  I run into things.  Occasionally, these things hurt me.  I used to take medicine and then freak out about it after the fact.  I’d panic and pour over everything that I could find on the internet…sometimes (okay, okay, most times).  I’d worry.  I’d annoy others with my worry.  I would annoy MYSELF.  The thing that I learned am learning is, that I cannot know everything.  I cannot protect myself from everything.  God is the one who works things out on my behalf.  This year alone, more blessing and forms of favor than I can even count, have been sent my way.

As I’ve started to be honest with myself about becoming a better version of me, I’ve realized that this is an area that has to change.  The anxiety that I’ve recently started to develop MUST GO!  With that being said, here are some things that I do to talk (or think) myself out of overreacting and becoming a WAY LESS (..okay, maybe just less) anxious person. 🙂

  • Learning about and remembering the promises that God has made, and spending time connecting.
  • Refusing to give negative thoughts any attention or time to spiral out of control.
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Starting this blog
  • Learning more about the mental and physical healing properties of good, quality food in order to achieve good health more naturally.
  • Creating a blessings jar, where I log many of my worries that have gone well. This gives me something tangible to remind me that everything has, is and will continue to work itself out, in my favor.  God? She is amazing!

As I’ve started implementing these strategies, I notice that I’m a lot more relaxed, these days. As with anything, it’s a gradual process, but I’m happy that I’m on the journey towards a more peaceful life.  What relaxes you?



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